Beta testing site for your app

Send TestFlight invites automatically

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App website

BoardingBot will create a site for your app, with screenshots taken from iTunes and an option for beta testers to request a TestFlight invite

BoardingBot creates a site for your app so your can invite users and send TestFlight invites
BoardingBot creates a form page to request a TestFlight invite

Send invites

BoardingBot creates a special form page for users to opt-in beta and request a Testflight invite.

Also through Facebook messenger

BoardingBot can answer chat messages from your Facebook fans and send them Testflight invites.


In order for BoardingBot to chat with your users on your Facebook App page, you will need to connect with Facebook and allow permissions for managing pages and messages

You can invite users using BoardingBot chat bot which will reply to your fans and send invites automatically when provided with an email
Beta testing apps directory

Find testers

BoardingBot upcoming directory of beta apps enables you to find more beta testers. This feature is still under development - Become one of the first apps to be featured in our beta directory.